Suggestions on How to Practice Positive Parenting

Suggestions on How to Practice Positive Parenting
March 18, 2020 Comments Off on Suggestions on How to Practice Positive Parenting Family Jason Jackson

You’ve probably heard of positive parenting, but if you haven’t, it’s a type of parenting wherein you focus on your children’s abilities and strengths as you raise them. Don’t take this to mean that disruptive behavior or problems are ignored, though. Part of being a parent is disciplining their children and placing certain limits on their children’s behavior. However, the parenting skills we’ll be discussing in this article are ones that encourage and reward positive behavior.

Praise Your Child

In positive parenting, praise is an essential component. This must be done correctly, though, otherwise you won’t be able to properly communicate the message to your child. Although you should be telling your kids how great they are in a general sense, you also need to be specific. Praise a specific action that your child makes, such as neatly putting the toys away or not making a mess on the table during dinner. Of course, you don’t want to use praise so much that it’s meaningless. What you want to do is give praise when it’s appropriate and in a consistent manner because this lets your child know when your praises are genuine.

As a parent, you need to be consistent with your kids concerning rules as much as possible. As your children get older, you’ll need to change some rules of course. You’ll need to be flexible at times and make adjustments to your approach on certain aspects. In general, though, whatever rules and standards you implement for your children to follow, you have to be consistent.

Be Consistent

Also, you and your spouse should be on the same page concerning the rules. You’ll just confuse your children if you’re telling them one thing and your spouse is telling them a completely different thing. Do your kids have babysitters or do they have other adults like relatives involved in their lives? If so, you must make sure that they remain consistent with the rules and limits you’ve set for your children.

Monitor Discretely

It’s important that you know what your child is up to and who they’re with at all times. It can be challenging these days to do that given that we’ve got cell phones and the internet, but you need to know at all times what they’re doing when they’re online. This isn’t to say that you’ve got to watch your child the entire time he or she is on the computer. Monitor your child’s online activities, including the people he or she talks to. The same thing goes if your child has a cell phone. You can never be too careful these days when it comes to your child’s safety.

We have just share with you a few things you can do to practice positive parenting. Again, positive parenting is not permissive parenting wherein your children are allowed to continue exhibiting undesirable or inappropriate behavior. When you’re a positive parent, you actively find ways to encourage your children to display the kind of behavior you’d like to see.

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