Medical Kits

Medical Kits

Medical Kits with Norgen Saliva DNA Collection & Preservation Devices

Strategic Lab Partners is able to design and distribute high quality medical kits to fit any needs of medical professionals. By customizing a medical kit, a company is able to piece together the kit they need for their patients or consumers. Kits can be comprised of many materials, and SLP only uses the best quality in medical tools. hat does your medical kit need? What problem is your kit being developed to solve? Your killed partner at SLP will be able to help you determine which materials to include in you kits for testing or procedures.

Medical Kit Preparation

General Practice  medical kitsSLP focuses on safety and privacy of patients in producing a medical kit. Patients, as well as medical professionals, want to know how the medical samples in testing are collected, as well as who is handling these materials. Strategic Lab Partners also focuses heavily on ensuring there are no issues or hazards in using equipment in a medical kit.

Your custom medical kit should solve or answer a single problem or question. When attempting to answer many questions or solve many problems with one test, you will end up with skewed results, which can cause stress in your patients. By narrowing down your results, you can find answers to many things such as dietary restrictions, weight loss problems, and more. If you test individually, you’ll have much more successful results.

Customizing Your Medical Kit

Your patients only deserve the best of the best in medical kit prep. By customizing your kit, you are limiting the risk of your company losing control of your medical kit’s results. Strategic Lab Partners focuses on making sure the custom medical kit fits exactly what the medical professional is trying to identify. You’ll be very thankful you can select each product in every kit.

You can trust that Strategic Lab Partners will only use the highest quality products in medical kits. We have seen an excellent success rate in using Norgen Saliva DNA Collection & Preservation Devices. Consider adding them to your kit when speaking with a medical kitting pro today.